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The World Taiji Boxing Association

Taiji, Bagua, Qigong, Self Defence, Dim-Mak, Wudang, and more.

    Fa-jing Stick
February Video Special, Fa-Jing Stick!
A limited time only special offer on Erle Montaigue's Fa-jing stick series. Only £30 for the full set. This was Erle's favorite weapon, the one he always did and never forgot. It's genuinely beautiful to watch him move with this weapon, he was always good with the other weapons, but this one was his! Taught in great detail, including applications.

Founded by Erle Montaigue (1949 - 2011) Master Degree, China. 
Now headed by his son Eli, taking the WTBA forward from where Erle left off. The WTBA is an organisation of like minds from all over the world coming together in friendship and harmony (well most times). Our aim is simple: To bring back the practical fighting methods of Martial Taijiquan and Baguazhang as its founders intended it to be, alongside Xingyiquan and other traditional Chinese Gung-Fu Systems. Our methods are simple and realistic, as it's the simple ones that will get you out of a tight spot. Of course not forgetting the healing properties of the arts. To fully understand the internal arts, you must never divorce the healing from the martial. With much training time spend on Qigong.
We like to train hard, and keep a smile on our faces. We believe there is no such thing as an ultimate style of fighting, it's what works for you, so have a look, try it out, and see if you like what we do.

Fa-jing and Dim-Mak
Fa-jing (Explosive Energy) is our way of gaining great power over very short distance, through natural full body connectivity. 
Dim-Mak (Death Point Striking) is where we teach our bodies to aim for the most vulnerable areas of the body as a reflexive action.
No magic here, just good old fashioned hard hitting from close range. 

When you learn from us
Your instructor will talk with you about what you need out of the training. From Self Defence, injury rehabilitation, calming of the mind and body or powering up a weak system, to general health and well-being. 
We have an array of traditional forms, single and two person training methods, for fighting and for Qigong healing, to make sure you get out of it what you came for.
Some people may want to one day become an instructor under the wtba, for this we will make sure you learn what is needed to become a good teacher.

Dedication and time
You will learn to understand the principals behind the forms and training methods. This teaches you how to move, how to fight, under any situation, from any angle,  not just to do each form and drill perfectly.