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WTBA Taiji Foundations Camp Australia

September 28th till October 5th 2017.
All levels of skill welcome.
Register by sending an email Here

It’s been a while since we did a proper training camp in Australia, the last three years of mini camps where I have gone to teach at the individual schools across the country have been great, but now it’s time to bring everyone back together! For a good old Taiji camp! 

I run one of these every year in Europe, where many people from all over come to learn, even from further afield like America.
Camps make for such a better learning experience than workshops, because everyone lives together for the week, rather than just coming in for the training each day then going home.
There’s so much more to be had than just the official class times, as there will always be someone there all hours who you can train with, to get that much needed two person work that a lot of people don’t get.
It’s also a friendship making, with everyone eating training and sleeping all in the same location for the week, it’s just a great fun time had by all.

So this year in October we’re putting on the Camp!

What you will get from camp:

  • Lacation, Ocean Country Park, 100 Duffields Road, Torquay, Victoria (just outside Melbourne)
    80mins from Tullamarine, 35mins from Avalon Airport, 20mins from Marshall Train Station.

  • Simple accommodation for all students, in the form of dormitory style beds, where people will share a room with a few other students.
    So you’ll only have to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow etc. Or you can bring your own tent or campervan etc. 
    If you prefer something more up market then you can book yourself a hotel in Torquay.

  • Toilets and showers are of course available. 

  • A dining room where you will be served three meals a days on all 6 training days
    Everyone eating has to pitch in to clean up.

  •  Indoor and outdoor training area for all weather training in comfort. 

  • 6 days training 8+ hours per day (You don’t have to do it all if you don’t want)
    The 28th is arrival day, the 5th is leaving day, training days are 29th till 4th.
  • Those who pay in advance for the "full camp" will receive free to download a set of videos covering most of what will be taught, including 
    MTG 404 YLC Taiji Form 
    MTG 403 Small San Sau 
    MTG 10 Basic Qigong 
    MTG 409 and 410 Wu-Dang Hand Weapons 
    MTG 411 Single Push Hands 
    Total value $100AU

Cost of training when paid before August 1st:

 First Timers: Full Camp $200, Half Camp $120, Per Day $50
(A first timer is someone who has never trained with Eli before)
WTBA Active Members: Full Camp $400, Half Camp $240, Per Day $100
(An active member is someone who has paid their annual membership fee)
Children Under 18 Free 
(They only have to pay for the food and accommodation)
Everyone Else: Full Camp $430, Half Camp $270, Per Day $120

Please Note

After August 1st the price will go up by $20 per week, or $10 per week for first timers,  
so get in early to get the cheaper price by paying now, please choose the correct price category that applies to you.
If you cannot make online payments get in touch and we'll sort something out.

If you want to pay for less than the full camp please contact us

First Timers Price

WTBA Active Members Price

Normal Price

Cost for Accommodation in dorms/tents/camper:
$22 per night.

Cost for Food:
$20 per day

Food and Accommodation should be paid in cash on arrival,
but please inform us if you will be staying at the venue and if you want food.
Also let us know if you have any food allergies. 

Training Schedule:
7:30am Stretching and warm ups
8am Standing Qigong, and YLC form first third done as a Qigong
9am Breakfast
10am The 12 Wu-dang Hand Weapons (Two each day)
12pm Lunch
2pm YLC Taiji form, First third taught in great detail with basics shown for beginners, and further details shown for the advanced students and instructors.
4pm Break Time
5pm Small San Sau, the solo form will be taught to the beginners in the group, and the two person set will be shown for the advanced students and instructors.
7pm Dinner
After dinner is free time for training anything you want, grab a partner and work on what you learnt in the day, or just do some push hands, or perhaps practice something else you’ve been working on at home, as Eli will be there to help and answer any questions there might be.

So please book in now so we can get an idea of numbers, if you’re not sure yet if you can make it but want to, then book in as a maybe, you will not need to pay anything till August 1st to get the early book fee. 

We want this camp to be a big gathering, bringing everyone together to meet and train.
So if you are a teacher, please encourage your students to come, I will be teaching so that everyone will learn a great deal, whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a stark beginner. 

Register by sending an email Here

To see a video of the UK Foundations camp, click here

Venue Address:
Ocean Country Park, 100 Duffields Road, Torquay, Victoria.