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WTBA Taiji & Bagua Camp Australia 2018


November 9th till 14th 2018. 6 days training.
All levels of skill welcome.
Register by sending an email Here

Cost of Training: After September 1st 2018 (Late Payment):

 First Timers: Full Camp $350, Half Camp $220, Per Day $100
(A first timer is someone who has never trained with Eli before)
WTBA Active Members: Full Camp $550, Half Camp $340, Per Day $170
(An active member is someone who has paid their annual membership fee)
Children Under 18 Free 
Everyone Else: Full Camp $580, Half Camp $370, Per Day $145

Training Schedule:
8am YLC Form, Each day we take a set of postures from the form, working through them in detail teaching you how to move, not just teaching you a sequence, but looking closely in at how to move the body. 
9am Breakfast (Bring your own, or there are plenty of good places to eat near by)
10am Self Defence training, In this section we will be looking at all things fighting, Dim Mak, Fa-jing, Joint Locks, Attack Defence etc, this part of the workshop should hurt, you should end up bruised, but of course you can also take it easy and just learn the movements if you have an injury or something.
12pm Lunch (Bring your own, or there are plenty of good places to eat near by)
2pm Bagua Circular Form, taught from the start at a basic foundation level for beginners, but shown in greater detail for instructors. 
Cannon Fist Large San Sau. The explosive Taiji fighting form will be taught through at both basic and advanced levels, firstly going through the solo A and B parts, then showing you how to put it together with your partner. Emphasis will be placed on learning timing, balance and proper reaction skills in the partner form, not just dancing through with no attention to detail.
5pm Break Time. Hang out with other students, do some more training, chill, play some music, or go get some sleep :-) 

Dinner (There are plenty of good places to eat near by, you can either join the group somewhere at a given time, or do your own thing)

I will be teaching so that everyone will learn a great deal, whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a stark beginner. 

Register by sending an email Here

To see a video of the UK Foundations camp, click here

Venue Address:
CHI Wellness Centre
9 langwells pde northcote