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Austria: Graz

Graz Tai Chi
(With Eli Montaigue, Head of the WTBA)

Cancelled due to world wide travel restrictions.
We will reschedule for sometime in 2021

Friday 6th, 5pm till 7pm.
Taiji Qigong, here we look at the movements of the Taiji form from an internal Qigong perspective, 
how to bring out the energetic meditation side of your training.  
€40 Normal price
€35 Active Members
€20 First Timer or Uni student under 25

Saturday 7th, 10am till 4pm (With two hours for lunch)
Street San Sau to warm up then Yang Lu Chan's Taiji form, in this class we will be looking at structure and movement,
taking certain postures from the form that help you to learn important principles of movement. 
Eli prefers to go very deep into a few postures rather than teaching you a long sequence, as this way you learn how to move, not just how to memorize a sequence. 
The basic movements are always shown first, then some advanced details layers on top, so it is suitable for everyone. 

€70 Normal price
€65 Active Members
€35 First Timer or Uni student under 25

Sunday 8th, 10am till 4pm (With two hours for lunch)
Martial Training, here we look at some of the martial training methods from Taiji.
We will be covering, the Large San Sau fighting form. 
This form is usually aimed at the more experienced Taiji practitioner, however Eli has a way of breaking down the movements so even a complete beginner can learn. The form is done in two ways, as a solo sequence with an A part and a B part, then you can put it together with a partner. Those people who are total new to martial arts will be advised to focus on the solo only. 
As a partner form you start off slowly like a dance to learn the correct way of moving, then once you are both comfortable with the movements you start to up the speed and power, until the form is finally done full speed and power. 
It is one of the best forms you can learn for teaching you about timing, balance, coordination, distancing and more.

€70 Normal price
€65 Active Members
€35 First Timer or Uni student under 25

Discount Rates for attending more than one day:
3 days, €165 Normal price €150 Active Members. €80 First Timer or Uni student under 25.
2 days, (Saturday & Sunday) €140 Normal price. €130, Active Members. €70 First Timer or Uni student under 25.
2 days, (Friday + Sat or Sun) €100 Normal price. €90, Active Members. €50 First Timer or Uni student under 25.

Contact to register:
Frank Ranz
PH: +43 664 1325540, 
[email protected]