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Austria: Graz

Graz Tai Chi
(With Eli Montaigue, Head of the WTBA)

June 8th-10th 2018


Full workshop:
€80 First Timer Fee (A first timer is someone who has never attended an Eli Montaigue Workshop)
€150 Active Members price
€165 Normal price
€70 for Uni students under 25

Please Note you can attend just one day if you wish, contact for prices. 

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Friday, 5pm till 7pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am till 12pm, Lunch, then 2pm till 4pm

Weekend covering
Taiji form and Applications.
Training methods for loosening the body and staying relaxed during self defence.
The folding principal, how to fold and adapt your body to what your attacker is doing

Frank Ranz to book your place.
PH: +43 664 1325540,