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Austria: Vienna

Cancelled due to world wide travel restrictions.
We will reschedule for sometime in 2021

October 16th-17th-18th 2020

4th 5pm-7pm
5th 10am-12pm, Lunch Break, then 2pm-4pm
6th 10am-12pm, Lunch Break, then 2pm-4pm
A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue (Head of the WTBA)

Limited Numbers, Book now to save your place!

This workshop will be aimed at beginners, however Eli always gives further insights and is happy to answer any questions from the more advanced student, so everyone can learn something from this workshop, even if you've never done Taiji before.

We will be covering three main areas:

Yang Lu Chan's Taijiquan form. 
This is the original Old Yang Style form, still mostly slow moving like modern forms, but the original form also includes explosive energy (Fa-jing) movements, these powerful energetic movements give this form a far greater balance of yin and yang. 
Taiji principles of movement, this can be applied to any Taiji form you are practicing, though we will be using the Yang Lu Chan Form, taking postures from this form and having a look into the body mechanics of how to move, to create power, from a balance of structure and flow, also looking at how the correct muscular activation in the form is how we channel the energy. 

We will be looking at the physical structure and movement as well as the internal Qigong of this form. 

Standing Qigong.
This is where we hold a static stance, we create a perfectly balanced posture, you will first do your best to get into this posture before Eli comes around and corrects it, this way you will know you are standing upright, straight back and all the other postural alignments necessary to bring balance and stillness to the body and mind.

Push Hands.   
Usually Push Hands is used as a self defence training method, those in the workshop interested in this will be shown how this works. 
But when we first learn Pus Hands, it is done slowly with control and flow, in just the same way that you would practice your slow Taiji form. 
The Taiji form teaches you to stay relaxed with in yourself, but if you do not practice push hands then as soon as you have any form of external pressure on your body, you will revert back to using excess tension, so push hands teaches you how to apply your Taiji principles when dealing with pressure from outside. This also gives great physical benefit to your upper body. 
All this dealing with external force also trains your mind how to deal with the stress that can be thrown at your in life.   

Mariahilfer Strasse 51, 3. Innenhof,
1060 Wien

How to get there: :U3 (Station Neubaugasse), Autobuslinie 13A (Station Neubaugasse)


€120 for first timers (If you have never attended and Eli Montaigue workshop before)
€170 for WTBA Active Members
€180 for Everyone Else

Please Note if you wish to attend one or two days, contact us for the price.

Please register by making a payment via the above button, or if you have questions then you contact us here