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Bagua Complete Basics

Here is a set of lessons on the Baguazhang system of Chiang Jung Chiao. 
Taking you right from scratch, through the Qigong, Walking, and then onto the Circular Form. 
Click on the intro video to see what it's all about. 

Lesson 1 (Qigong)
Lesson 2 (Walking)
Lesson 3 (Adding the hands)
Lesson 4 (1st Palm Change)
Lesson 5 (2nd Palm Change)
Lesson 6 (3rd Palm Change)

The remaining lessons to take you through to the end of the form are available to purchase below

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MTG421 Bagua Complete Basics Vol 7
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MTG422 Bagua Complete Basics Vol 8
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MTG423 Bagua Complete Basics Vol 9
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