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Baguazhang Foundations

The Style is of Jiang Rong Qiao (also anglicized as Chiang Jung Ch'iao)
For more information on what Baguazhang is, click here

Or if you're ready to start training, have a quick read of the following then get started into week one of your training. 
Have you watched the intro video on the previous page? You need to do that. 

To follow the course all you need to do is click week one, follow the classes then head into week two. 

The course is designed to train three classes per week, each class is approx 1 hour. 
You also have a 30 minute body strengthening, mobility and fitness class that you should do before each of the main classes, as explained in the intro video. 

If you have time to train more than three times a week, then you should repeat one of all of the classes in that week. 
The best way to get the most out of the training is to training 6 days a week for the 90 minutes, 
so you will do each class twice before moving onto the next. 
Don't rush through the training and do all three weeks in one week, Bagua has to be taken patiently. 

Week 1      Week 2      Week 3