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Belgium: Tielt-Winge (Near Brussels)

November 23rd-24th 2019
Eli Montaigue teaching a weekend workshop in Belgium

What Covered:
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Bagua Hawk Qi Awakening Form
The Hawk's element is "Fire" He is brave and courageous and fights to the finish to save his family. Spinning & Turning over, using a fluent sweeping and chopping methods is his way of moving.
This is one of the nicest continually moving, circling and spiraling forms and really works upon the Qi and adjusting flow of energy in the body for a more balanced flow. It can be done either slowly of fast, and is a great form for both body strengthening/health aspects, as well as power development for the martial side.
Compared to come of the other Bagua forms, this one is not to difficult, so is a good place to start. 
Also the form is nice and short so the whole thing can be learnt in a weekend and you can take home something complete. 
Push Hands 
We will be covering Single Push Hands, this is where we learn about issuing and receiving of force with a partner. This exercise hugely increases your understanding of the Taiji form, as it shows you how to issue force from the ground up through the body into the hands. along with also teaching you some very important principles for your self defence training. 

Da Lu
This is a training method where we learn how to go with the flow, for example if someone pulls you off balance, you should go with it and then come back at a different angle, rather than tensing up. This exercise will greatly enhance all areas of your Taiji training, learning more about staying soft.

We're going to be covering Iron Shirt Qigong methods. 
These are Qigongs to build upon your yang Qi that surrounds your body, to help fight off disease from entering your body, as well as physically strengthening your body for the martial arts 

Training will be 
10am till 4pm on Saturday
10am till 3pm on Sunday

Venue Address
cc De Maere in the Vivaldi-hall
adres : Leuvensesteenweg 187 3390 Tielt-Winge
parking at the back : tiensesteenweg 4 3390 tielt-winge

One Day.
€75 Members and first timers price.
€80 Non members price.

Two Days
€135 Members and first timers price.
€150 Non members price.

Contact to register
Gie Kiesekoms
[email protected]