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Belgium: Tielt-Winge (Near Brussels)

Cancelled due to world wide travel restrictions.
We will reschedule for sometime in 2021

September 26th-27th 2020
Eli Montaigue teaching a weekend workshop in Belgium

What Covered:

Bagua Bear and Monkey Qi Awakening Form
Many people when they first begin to learn Baguazhang and often because their body is tense and stiff from training in other martial systems, find it difficult to get anything happening Qi or energy wise; so we have an excellent training method derived from the "8 Animal Forms" of Bagua, called "Shaking the Qi", a set of 8 relatively simple training methods that force the body to learn about Bagua Fa-Jing.
These are two individual forms, only about 5 or 6 moves each, so we will do one each day. 
The Monkey is the closest animal to the human being and as such we are able to emulate this wonderful and deadly fighting system easier. The monkey is relentless in his attack using relaxed but deadly palm fighting methods which makes use of his very heavy arms.
Bear Form: The Bear represents the Mountain. He is steadfast, powerful and one of the earth. The bear is ferocious when protecting its young, but gentle at home.
A nice mixture of energies here in these forms, as the monkey is sprightly agile and alert, where is the bear is grounded earthy and calm.  
"Street" San Sau.
You've probably not heard of this before, that's because it's never been given a name till now. In the past it was just real word martial training, where we are given a set of techniques to practice with our partner, layer by layer, this is the stuff usually only trained in weekly class setting, but I have decided to introduce it to my workshops this year. 
I will make a preview video to show you what to expect from this san sau. 
Most of you know the small and large san sau, so you'll know that these forms are training methods to learn certain things about body mechanics, how to gain power from all angles, structure, balance, timing etc. However the "techniques" used in these forms and how we practice them, would for the most part not work in a real fight, they are not meant for that, they have other very important things they teach you about your body, which the more practical techniques don't teach so well. 
So for a well rounded Taiji training, it is important to training both the "training methods" and the stuff that will actually work in a fight. 
When I use to train with my Dad Erle, he would never use any of the methods from the small or large san sau to fight me, he would use things not found in most forms. 
This is how I learnt them, with out any set forms etc, he would just say "do this" then he would swing at me! 
Because this side of training has never been put into a box and given a name, most people do not know about it, or even if parts of it were taught at a camp, it would be forgotten, because it was not wrapped up into a package. 
So this is what I have done, the Street San Sau, is a mixture of all the Taiji and Bagua practical fighting techniques put into a package. 
It's both Taiji and Bagua, because in this area of training there is really no difference between the two, it's in the forms and training methods that you learn differences of Taiji and Bagua. 
The set is practiced always with a partner, to give you an example, Round 1, your partner throws a straight punch, you defend then follow up with three attacks, you get to complete all three strikes. Round 2, this time your partner throws the same punch, but he also blocks your first attack, so you have to be able to keep flowing into your second and third attacks with out his block breaking your flow, you then keep doing the drill, but you don't know if he will block or not. 
Round 3, again your partner throws the same punch, but when he blocks your first attack he throws a counter, so your three strike follow up now has to adapt. 
You keep drilling this method, but you don't know if he's going to put in the counter or not, your body has to either come in with the attacks, or react to his counter. 
We then work our way through this three round system with all the different types of start up attack, like straight punch, hook, to the head or to the body, kicks, tackles etc. 
Everything is practiced left and right sides. 
This can be practiced with or with out protection, usually in a weekly class of my own, the person doing the techniques would wear a head guard, and the puncher would wear gloves, this means the puncher can throw real punches with out risking damage. In a workshop or camp however we don't usually have this equipment, so you just have to go a little calm, I do however bring at least one set of equipment to test out those who want to. 
So as you can see, this is a middle ground between training methods like Small San Sau, and free fighting. 
Small San Sau for learning how to connect to your centre etc, Street San Sau for learning the practical methods you could actually use, as well as a little reaction training as you don't know if he will counter or not, then free fighting to put it all into practice and see how you hold up under stress. 
The free fighting "sparing" is still worked through in layers before it goes totally free form, we use a mixture of different ways to use protection and get the most out of our training. 
The "Street San Sau" and free fighting was the main thing I use to train with my dad.

Using the Taiji form, in this way most people will already know the basic sequence of movements, we will be looking at how to get the Qigong elements of the Taiji form happening. 
This concept can then be applied to everything you practice whether it be a moving Qigong or and static standing Qigong. 

Training will be 
10am till 4pm on Saturday
10am till 3pm on Sunday

Venue Address
cc De Maere in the Vivaldi-hall
adres : Leuvensesteenweg 187 3390 Tielt-Winge
parking at the back : tiensesteenweg 4 3390 tielt-winge

One Day.
€75 Members and first timers price.
€80 Non members price.

Two Days
€135 Members and first timers price.
€150 Non members price.

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