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Canada: Ottawa

October 20th-21st 2018
Eli Montaigue will be back in Ottawa for a weekend workshop

At the workshop we will be covering:

  • Yang Lu Chan Taiji form, important elements of the form dealing with structure and movement, as well as application training.

  • Training methods for loosening the body and staying relaxed during self defence.
    The folding principal, how to fold and adapt your body to what your attacker is doing

  • Bagua Circular form, starting from scratch with this beautiful form, step by step taking you through the details of the first palm change
We will train 5 hours each day, with 90 minutes break for lunch. 



First Timers Fee:
$100, or $50 for one day. No deposit needed, but do let us know you're coming. 
(A first timer is someone who has never trained with Eli before)

Regular Fee:

Early Registration with payment before September 1st
$200 for WTBA Active Members
$230 for everyone else 

Late Registration and walk ins
$260 for WTBA Active Members
$50 for children under the age of 18
$290 for everyone else 

Please Register by contacting the host.
Josephine Anderson
Email Here
Ph: (613) 700-5287