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570 Byron Ave.
semi group classes where private students teem up for more interactive instruction
(with one or two other students).
There is a group forming, to
which I've been asked to preside. Cost is no additional cost, since
 its already tied into private lessons cost.

Josephine Anderson
Chief Instructor for Canada
Grade 6 Full WTBA Syllabus and Erle Montaigue System. 

Started martial arts in 1984
Joined the WTBA in 1988
WTBA instructor since 1997

613 700 5287

Josephine Anderson

I give a lot of individual attention, which is why I have fostered this kind of personalized environment. People within this intimate atmosphere get along with each, and learn intensively from each other as well as from me.

Please contact me for more information and class availability.
Valerie Seeto
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji Instructor 

Started martial arts in 1999
Joined the WTBA in 2003
WTBA instructor since 2015


Valerie Seeto

Friday mornings @ National Defence Headquarters Gymnasium, 3500 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON.
Yang Lu-ch'an basic form,
basic qi gong.
No cost. 
Gregoire Laforce
Grade Basic WTBA Taiji Instructor 
Started martial arts in 1992
Joined the WTBA in 2014
WTBA instructor since 2017

613-581-4734, [email protected]

Valerie Seeto