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Classes in Ireland

Glenties Co, Donegal
The Community Centre
Glenties Co,Donegal Ireland
Time 8.00 /9.30 pm
Cost 10 euro a class
Yang style Taiji & Qigong,medical,martial
and self healing. 
Private Tuition Available
Charles John Shovlin
Grade 3 WTBA Taijiquan Instructor.
Started martial arts in 1971
Joined the WTBA in 1987
WTBA instructor since 1993

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Charles John Shovlin

I'm a practicing healer and I run my own Healing Centre for over 22 years,I'm in the process of doing my master's medical Qigong, corresponding course with The international college of intuitive science ,Melbourne ,Australia.
My classes are a small friendly bunch of men and women helping one another up the Taiji lader,keeping very much within the principles and teaching of the great Masters and teachers that have gone before us,Charles.