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Classes in New Zealand

North Island

Waiheke Island

8.30 am Fridays 
@ Kaleidoscope, tahi rd
8pm Mondays 
@ te huruhi primary school hall

Private Tuition Available
Jason Paul Palmer
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji Instructor.
Started martial arts in 1986
Joined the WTBA in 2012
WTBA instructor since 2015


Training partners/friends learning from each other & having fun :)
Private Tuition
Tyrone Murphy (Ronnie)
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji Instructor
Started martial arts in 2004
Joined the WTBA in 2004
WTBA instructor since 2015

027 507 3840
[email protected]

South Island

Maslin Gym
Kaikorai Valley College
Kaikorai Valley road

10 week terms; $80.00
per term, 4 terms a year.

Qi gong, two person work; principals of Tai chi ; Yang style as taught by Master Erle Montague, forms, weapons and Bagua 

Brenda Rae
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji & Bagua Instructor
Started martial arts in 1990
Joined the WTBA in 1990
WTBA instructor since 2002

( 64 03 ) 4884539

Positive Attitude is all you need, 
age and shape / condition is no hindrance to learning Tai Chi :)