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Classes in New Zealand

North Island

Waiheke Island

8.30 am Fridays 
@ Kaleidoscope, tahi rd
8pm Mondays 
@ te huruhi primary school hall

Private Tuition Available
Jason Paul Palmer
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji Instructor.
Started martial arts in 1986
Joined the WTBA in 2012
WTBA instructor since 2015


Training partners/friends learning from each other & having fun :)
Private Tuition
Tyrone Murphy (Ronnie)
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji Instructor
Started martial arts in 2004
Joined the WTBA in 2004
WTBA instructor since 2015

027 507 3840

South Island

Maslin Gym
Kaikorai Valley College
Kaikorai Valley road

10 week terms; $80.00
per term, 4 terms a year.

Qi gong, two person work; principals of Tai chi ; Yang style as taught by Master Erle Montague, forms, weapons and Bagua 

Brenda Rae
Grade 1 WTBA Taiji & Bagua Instructor
Started martial arts in 1990
Joined the WTBA in 1990
WTBA instructor since 2002

( 64 03 ) 4884539

Positive Attitude is all you need, 
age and shape / condition is no hindrance to learning Tai Chi :)