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Classes in Norway

Fredrikstad, Oslo, Tønsberg
Private classes all week
Free monthly 4-6 hour group
class. Foundation training in
qi-gong, singel push hands,
wudang handweapons, dragon prawn boxing, small san-sau, chee sau, and individual YCF/YLC solo-form corrections. A singel taiji principle is also picked, and worked on each class. Times and venue vary from class to class. Usually 11-17, on weekends, or may be a long midweek afternoon. Practicioners on all levels are fit, and more than welcome. Please email Lars-Erik for interest in next group class.
For all classes: Bringing a second t-shirt is a great idea. You will be sweating.

Lars-Erik Olsen
Chief Instructor for Norway
Grade 3 WTBA Taijiquan Instructor
Started martial arts in 1987
Joined the WTBA in 1999
WTBA instructor since 2006

Lars-Erik Olsen

Torp i Roald Amundsensvei 164, Fredrikstad
18:30 to 19:30
(martial arts / self-defense)
19.30 to 20.30
(Qigong / health section)
19.30 to 21.00
(martial arts / self-defense) 

Jarle Fredriksen
Grade 1 WTBA Taijiquan Instructor
And 1st dan shotokan karate

Started martial arts in 1987
Joined the WTBA in 1992
WTBA instructor since 2008


Sarpsborg (Skjeberg)
Folkvang, Skjeberg.
Monday: Karate 18:45-20:30
Taiji 20:30-22:15
Teach in Taiji: exercises, Qigong, forms, applications and fighting, as well as Push Hands.
Dag Haakon Lilleby
Grade 3 WTBA Taijiquan & Baguazhang Instructor.
7th Dan in Karate.

Started martial arts in 1978
Joined the WTBA in 1990
WTBA instructor since 1995

+4769168888/ 93228910