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Croatia: Zagreb

July 9th and 10th 2020
A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue in Zagreb.

Form Day:
Saturday, 9th 10am till 4pm (with 90 minutes for lunch)
Yang Lu Chan's Taijiquan form. This is the original Old Yang Style form, still mostly slow moving like modern forms, but the original form also includes explosive energy (Fa-jing) movements, these powerful energetic movements give this form a far greater balance of yin and yang. Also included are dim mak application, not the mystical dim mak you see in the movies, real world practical applications all aimed at the physiological dim mak points on the body.  
Taiji principles of movement. This can be applied to any Taiji form you are practicing, though we will be using the Yang Lu Chan Form, taking postures from this form and having a look into the body mechanics of how to move, to create power, from a balance of structure and flow, also looking at how the correct muscular activation in the form is how we channel the energy. 

Suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Martial Day:
Sunday 10th, 10am till 4pm (with 90 minutes for lunch)
Here we will be looking at self defence training methods, you will pair up with another student to practice.
We will learn the beginning of the Small San Sau fighting form, this form takes postures from the slow form and puts them into a fast powerful fighting set that can be performed both solo as well as with a partner throwing attacks at you. 
Suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Cost of the workshop if paid in advance before April 1st 2020
€45 for one day
€80 for both days

Cost after June 1st will be
€60 for one day
€110 for both days

To Register please contact Mario Krot.
[email protected]
+385 91 5746610