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DVD Orders

Before buying DVDs, please consider the download option. 
Benefits of MP4 Downloads over DVDs:

1. 20% cheaper per video.

2. Postage costs and waiting times are nil.
3. Eco friendly option. 
4. The DVDs you get from us are just a disk with MTG number written on, no fancy covers anyway. 
5. DVDs are highly unreliable, they break, costing you to get new ones, MP4 files if lost can be downloaded again no charge.
6. You can also download the MP4 file and burn them to a DVD disk yourself, or put them onto a USB drive and plug into your TV that way.
But if you are in an area with very slow internet, or you are a techno dinosaur, then DVDs might be the better option. 

f you prefer DVD's however, you must make a special order by contacting us.  
Please note down your selection from our site then send us an email here, please include your postal address.
You will then be sent an invoice to make an online payment.

DVD Cost
20% extra on top on the MP4 price

Postage cost per DVD

1 DVD £3
Up to 10 £1.50
Over 10 £0.75
Rest of world:
1 DVD £4
Up to 10 £2
Over 10 £1