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Distance Learning Program

If you are unable to get to a teacher to learn the Erle Montaigue system, or you want some instruction and advice directly from Eli, we now have a distance video learning program.

It is highly recommended that all wtba members/instructors have their training looked at by Eli at least once a year. 
Of course if your main teacher is a wtba senior than this is not so important. 
A senior instructor will notice things in your training that could really boost your way up the ladder. 
If you only train via the videos and maybe get to a workshop once a year, then getting into this distance learning will really push your training forward. 
Whether it's once a week, month, or even just once a year, it will really bring you out of the dark, you can even become an instructor like this. 
The beauty is you can film yourself when ever you have the time, send it off, and wait for your corrections, no need to schedule a class time. 

To take full advantage of this involves you learning what you want from our MTG videos, then having your training corrected via video.

1. You choose a form or training method to work on; if you are unsure where to start you can simply ask Eli for advice on this.
2. You then make a short video of yourself training; this can be filmed with any device such as a smart phone. You can either just perform the thing you want corrected, or you can ask questions as well in the video, but please keep in mind to only ask questions that you need a video answer for, not something like "how often should I practice the form"
3. Upload the video to either YouTube as an unlisted video, or to an online storage like DropBox, then send the link to the video along with the payment. 
4. Eli will look over your video, mark down your errors, and then make a personal video explaining and showing in detail what you need to do to improve and send this back to you.

Eli will focus on your most major errors first, he will fit in as many corrections as he can in the time you have paid for, if he only has time to correct half of the video you have sent, then you can pay for another lesson to get the rest done.
When you have corrected these, you can make another video with your improved level of skill, then Eli will look at the more subtle errors in your form and start to give you advice on where you are going even if there are no technical errors, by advising you how to advance your training etc.

Confused how much time to buy? 
How much form Eli can correct in a set amount of time will depend on how good your form is, but as a rough guide you would need at least 60 minutes to have the first third of the taiji form corrected. 
If you send say the first third to be corrected, but Eli can only get through half of it in the time you've paid for, then you can simply work with that, and then when you want you can pay for another lesson to have the rest looked at.
Or if you're form is perfect and there is nothing to correct, then you can send another video to be corrected. 

The cost is a little less than taking a private class with Eli in person. 
A one hour lesson for example will be made up of Eli watching your video and then making your corrections video. 
So it is advisable if for example you are getting your third third of YLC form looked at, you should skip the repeated parts, as this will take up time that you could be focusing on the parts that need work. 

A one hour lesson is one hour of Eli's time, he will divide it appropriately between looking at your form and checking for mistakes, and making your corrections video. 

Lesson Time

 Eli will get the video back to you within 7 days, usually a lot sooner, this just depends on work load.