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Finland: Tampere

August 12th/13th 2017

For the first time Eli Montaigue will be giving a weekend workshop in Finland.
The main focus will be push hands. 

Push Hands is a training drill from the fighting/healing system of Taijiquan. 
It's main purpose is to teach us good body mechanics and reading/listening skills
for use in self defence, but also gives great enhancement to our slow healing side of the art
as it gives meaning to all those empty moves we practice on our own.

Push Hands can be added to any style of martial arts, not just Taiji, it is a stand alone exercise that
Anyone can benefit from. 

Eli will also show the combat applications of what the push hands teaches you, so people can have a go at trying the push hands as well as some practical combat applications. 

Cost of the workshop is at the discounted price as it's a first time event
70 for the weekend or 40 for one day. 


To Book in please contact: