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Finland: Tampere

October  13th/14th 2018
Eli Montaigue will be giving a weekend workshop in Finland.

Push Hands.
This is a training drill from the fighting/healing system of Taijiquan. 
It's main purpose is to teach us good body mechanics and reading/listening skills
for use in self defence, but also gives great enhancement to our slow healing side of the art
as it gives meaning to all those empty moves we practice on our own.
Push Hands can be added to any style of martial arts, not just Taiji, it is a stand alone exercise that
Anyone can benefit from. 
Eli will also show the combat applications of what the push hands teaches you, so people can have a go at trying the push hands as well as some practical combat applications. 

Small San Sau. 
We will learn the beginning of the Small San Sau fighting form, this form takes postures from the slow form and puts them into a fast powerful fighting set that can be performed both solo as well as with a partner throwing attacks at you. 
We will also be taking certain techniques from this form and applying to them the folding principal. 
The folding principal teaches you what to do when your technique does not work, your defence may be countered, so we show you how to best make that flow into something else, your attack may be blocked, go with it and come back at another angle. 
This is one of the most important areas of practice for any martial art. The training methods will teach you how to stay loose under pressure, how to adapt with out thinking first, but learning to let your body simply react. 


For first timers (Someone who has never trained with Eli before)
€80 for the weekend
€40 for one day. 

For WTBA Active Members
€130 for the weekend 
€70 for one day. 

For Everyoine Else
€140 for the weekend 
€80 for one day. 


To Book in please contact:
Harri [email protected]