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Foundations Training Camp UK

(With Eli Montaigue, Head of the WTBA)

Foundation Training Camp 
April 3rd till 13th 2018

What to expect at this years camp:
Foundation Camp is about training, and lots of it!
As usual we will be focusing on the foundation forms and training methods, but this camp there is a extra option for more training at the end of camp. 
Camp is always 6 full days training, covering everything that is listed on the menu, but this camp we will give you the option to stay another 3 days to consolidate what you have learnt. 
In the extra 3 days there will most likely less people, so the idea is to take what you have learnt over the week and consolidate it. 
Eli will not teach anymore new moves, the training sessions will be made up like a private class, so you will just practice, Eli will watch over you and correct any errors, and you can ask all the questions you need.
And of course if you can only make it to a portion of camp, that's fine, let us know and we'll give you a price for how long you can attend.

Plus if you book in early you will get 9 MTG videos free to download valued at over £90.

What will be taught:

YLC Form
For the form we will be trying to get through the third 3rd at it's foundation level, as we did in 2017 with the second 3rd, and the first 3rd in 2016.
This was very well received by both the beginners and the advanced, as no matter how long you've been training, it is mastering the foundation level that will take your form higher.
There will also be time for questions etc for more advanced details. 
Do not worry if you did not attend the last two camps, as the thirds are like separate forms,
you don't need to have the first two down in order to learn the 3rd.
Wudang Hand Weapons
All 12 methods will be taught, two each day. We have done these here and there before, but this camp we will do all 12, so you can go away being sure you have them all down, especially if you stay for the extra 3 days to train them more.  
Bagua Circular Form
For those Bagua enthusiasts in the group, Eli will be teaching palm changes 5 to 8. 
Qigong and Stretching 
Will be practiced every morning. 
With warm ups to help with Qi flow to better enhance your Qigong practice. 
Push Hands will be practiced every evening after dinner, in an informal manor, 
where everyone will simply practice, and Eli will be there training with you giving advice on how to improve.
As well as anything else people want to practice. 

Check out a video of camp here to see what it's like

Main training 6 days, plus optional 3 extra days.
Tuesday the 3rd is arrival day, after 4pm.
Main training days are 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th.
Extra training days are 10th, 11th, 12th. 
We then pack up and leave on the 13th

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner are provided on site.

7:30am: Stretching, warms ups and standing Qigong
9am: Breakfast
10am: Wudang Hand Weapons
12pm: Lunch
2pm: YLC form
4pm: Break
5pm: Bagua Circle form
7pm: Dinner
After dinner we do Push Hands and any other training people want to look at in an informal manor

Leaving day the 13th we do Morning Qigong at 7:30am, then we pack up and leave camp. 


1st Swansea Valley "Oak" Scout Troop
Ystradgynlais, Swansea, SA9 1QB


Please note if you are only attending the 6 main training days you can choose to
leave after training on the 9th or stay and leave in the morning of the 10th after breakfast. 

Late registration after March 1st, pay in full on arrival. 
WTBA Active Members price £400 = 6 days training. £500 = 9 days training.
Non members price £430 = 6 days training. £530 = 9 days training.
Uni Students under 25, £220 6 days training. £270 = 9 days training.

Children under 16 with parent attend free 

This includes Training, food and accommodation. You can have a bunk bed, or bring your own tent/camper/caravan.
Anyone wishing to attend less than the full camp, ask Eli about cost.

Getting to Camp:
By train, you should take the train to "Neath" There is a direct line from London. 
By Bus, take the bus to "Swansea"
Closer to the date we will arrange pick ups from both Neath and Swansea. 
By personal transport, the post code will bring you right to the venue. 

Register by sending an email Here