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Foundations Training Camp UK

WTBA camp
(With Eli Montaigue, Head of the WTBA)

Foundation Training Camp 
April 1st till 8th 2017

What to expect at this years camp:
Foundation Camp is about training, and lots of it!
We train in the foundation of Taiji, Yang Lu-chan's form, 
Qigong, Push Hands, San Sau, and self defence training.
YLC Form
For the form we will be trying to get through the second 3rd at it's foundation level, as we did in 2016 with the first 3rd.
This was very well received by both the beginners and the advanced, as no matter how long you've been training, it is mastering the foundation level that will take your form higher.
There will also be time for questions etc for more advanced details. 
Small San Sau
We will try to get through this whole form, looking a both the solo and the to man. 
Bagua Circular Form
For those Bagua enthusiasts in the group, I will be teaching the first 4 palm changes as well as the circle walking. 
Qigong will be practised every morning and night, 
with warm ups to help with Qi flow to better enhance your Qigong practice. 
Push Hands will be practised every evening after dinner, in an informal manor, 
where everyone will simply practice, and Eli will be there training with you giving advice on how to improve.

Check out this video of last camp here

Training will be one week long,
with Breakfast Lunch and Dinner provided,

Saturday the 1st is arrival day, after 4pm. Then training starts Sunday morning the 2nd

8am: Warms ups and standing Qigong
9am: Breakfast
10am: Small San Sau
12pm: Lunch
2pm: YLC form Second 3rd
4pm: Break
5pm: Bagua Circle form
7pm: Dinner
After dinner we do Push Hands and any other training people want to look at in an informal manor

Saturday Morning Qigong at 8am, then we pack up and leave camp. 


1st Swansea Valley "Oak" Scout Troop
Ystradgynlais, Swansea, SA9 1QB

Now with newly renovated shower room!
A great Venue, with Bunk bed accommodation for all, (well the first 26)
Clean toilets and showers, big training hall, another big room for messing about in, dinning room, foot ball pitch and ping pong!
Set in the Brecon Beacons National park, just check out the pictures I've put up, it's such a beautiful place! Peaceful and a great energy, and we can have a fire!


First Timers Fee:
Full workshop £150, or £30 per day. Pay Cash on Arrival.

Regular Fee:
Late registration, pay in full on arrival. 
Active Members price £350, 
Non members price £380
Uni Students under 25, £180

Children under 16 with parent attend free 

This includes Training, food and accommodation. You can have a bunk bed, or bring your own tent. 
Anyone wishing to attend less than a week, ask Eli about cost.