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France: Montaigu Village


NOTE: We are hopeful that the coronavirus situation will have settled by this date and this workshop will go ahead as planned. 

May 30th-31st 2020

A weekend workshop in Montaigu which is a village near Nantes. 

Eli will be covering:

Taiji principals of movement.
This can be applied to any Taiji form you are practicing, we will be using the Yang Lu Chan and Yang Chen Fu Forms, taking postures from these forms and having a look into the body mechanics of how to move, to create power, from a balance of structure and flow, also looking at how the correct muscular activation in the form is how we get the energy to flow.
The main focus here will be the slow movement of the form, but we will also cover some Fa-jing aspects as well.
Suitable for both beginners and advanced.
This way of learning means the few postures that we go over in the workshop will enhance your entire form, because we're not just learning a sequence of postures, we're learning principles of movement that apply to everything we do. 

Small San Sau.
With this form we will be focusing on how to move with speed and power while staying soft and loose. 
Often when people try to perform movements with power, they bring in a lot of tension with it, so here we will look at the correct stepping stones to progress in a way so this does not happen. Starting off with slow swinging actions to learn about momentum.

Long Har Ch'uan
The main area we learn from this partner exercise is to get the upper body flowing in the loose manor while dealing with constant strikes from your partner. 
Using all the usual Taiji principles like moving from the centre etc. Your partner throws a sequence of punches at you, to which you perform the methods. 
Beginners start off nice and slowly, the drills can then get faster and more powerful. 

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