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France: Montaigu Village

June 15th-16th 2019
A weekend workshop in Montaigu which is a village near Nantes in the south of France.  

Eli will be covering:

Taiji principals of movement. This can be applied to any Taiji form you are practicing, we will be using the Yang Lu Chan and Yang Chen Fu Forms, taking postures from these forms and having a look into the body mechanics of how to move, to create power, from a balance of structure and flow, also looking at how the correct muscular activation in the form is how we get the energy to flow.
The main focus here will be the slow movement of the form, but we will also cover the Fa-jing aspects as well.
Suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Chee Sau, this is where we learn how to read someone else's movement, learning how to go with the flow of what they are doing rather than resisting them, it's starts off very relaxed and smooth to learn sensitivity skills, at a more advanced level it becomes a very martial practice, using fast and heavy strikes throws and grappling.  

Da Lu, this is a training method where we learn what to do when we have made a mistake, for example if someone pulls you off balance, you should go with it and then come back at a different angle, rather than tensing up. 

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