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The Taijiquan Beginner's Self Teaching Video Titles:

Catalogue No. Title Brief Description
MTG1 Basic Yang Cheng-fu Form: + Basic Qigong (All Slow Form) Good for great health and some self-defense, mainly health. Also includes very basic "3 Circle Standing Qigong".
MTG2 Yang Lu-ch'an or "Old Style Taijiquan" form. This is the Original Yang Style as was considered to be the very pinnacle of all Internal Systems. Great for good health as well as Self-Defense and fighting skills and Dim-Mak. Has some explosive movements (Fa-Jing) as well as leaps and kicks etc. More difficult than Yang Cheng-fu's form. It is easier for the beginner to learn the Yang Cheng-fu form before learning this form. However, it is up to the student's learning level etc.
MTG5 Basic Pushing Hands Push Hands is the training method that is used to teach one about self-defense at an abstract level. Meaning that the moves that we make during this two person exercise teach us to react sub-consciously to any situation with the appropriate application. See the 'Articles' section for info about this. 
MTG3 Basic Small and Large San-Sau San-Sau means "A Style of Free Hands" and is a way of learning the martial arts applications hidden within the Taijiquan forms or movements. It can be performed as an explosive solo set in two parts joined together or put together with a partner to form a set fighting routine which makes use of all of the fighting applications.
MTG11 (2 Tapes for NTSC Countries) How to Use Taiji & Bagua for Fighting This tape is a 3 hour tape which takes the beginner through the very basic applications of the postures including how to kick and punch safely without doing damage to yourself etc. Bag work is also included.
MTG30 Yang Cheng-fu Form medium level (Yin & yang) This tape takes you up to the next level in Yang Cheng-fu's form. It teaches you the 'yin and yang' or the movements. Every movement must have a yin and a yang part. 
MTG35 Yang Lu-ch'an Form Medium Level, Yin & Yang Form This is the next step in the Yang Lu-ch'an form covering again, the Yin and Yang of each movement.
MTG21 (3 Hours, 2 Tapes for NTSC Countries)  Taiji Secrets & Taiji Dim-Mak Applications This one teaches the 'Opening and Closing' movements of both Yang Cheng-fu and Yang Lu-ch'an's forms. It also teaches the deadly Dim-Mak applications for each posture of each form.