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Australia, Gold Coast

A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue
November 30th and December 1st 2019. 

Eli will be giving a small workshop on the Gold Coast, as he is out there on another business matter. 
Due to the short notice this workshop will probably be a small one of less than 10 people, so you'll get a lot of hands on time with Eli, as well as being able to ask all your questions. 

What will we train? 
Partner drills, the most important area of your training when you have other people around to train with is partner drills. 

Da Lu
We will do our first session warming up with this, the focus on Da Lu will be perfecting the skill of going with the flow.
Most people practice Da Lu as an application, but it was never meant to be this, it is a training method to teach us how to go with the flow, how to stay calm and neutral under pressure, timing and grounding is key in this practice. A lot of people pass by this one thinking there's not much in it, because they are looking at the applications and not the principles.
Push Hands
We will be looking at how to correctly find our partners centre, learning about the linear path with in the circular motion in both single and double. As well as like in Da Lu, leaning how to go with the flow when the other is yang, but also to take control when the other is yin
Small San Sau Fighting
Here is where we take the SSS as a platform for learning about self defence. 
We perform each move in four set ways, then mix it up, this is a perfect stepping stone into free fighting, as it gets you reading body language, feeling and sensing what is happening and reacting accordingly, rather than just doing the set movements which teach you only about body movement and power development but not actually fighting. 
|The four areas are:
1. The normal method, this assumes everything has gone to plan
2. The puncher has his guard covering the area you're suppose to be striking, you then have to change your strike to the unguarded area
3. The puncher blocks your attack, you need to follow up with something else
4. The puncher throws another strike at you before you've had a chance to get your attack in, you have to change your attack to include another defence. 
You can't learn how to fight with out free fighting, but it's important to learn how to move and adapt in this safe environment first. 
These methods can be done slow and calm up to real power and speed, you'll do it at your own comfort level. 

Training Times:
8am Push Hands and Da Lu
10am Break
11am Small San Sau Fighting
1pm Break
3pm Small San Sau Fighting
5pm Free Training and Questions
6pm Finish

Burleigh Waters Community Centre.  
131 Christine Ave, Burleigh Waters QLD 4220
Please NOTE! We could only get the hall from 12pm onward, so in case of bad weather we will start training at 12pm and finish at 8pm, but if the weather is fine then we will start at 8am in the park at the same location and finish at 6pm. 
I will send a massage to everyone Friday night to confirm. 


To register please contact Eli