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Holland: Nieuwegein

Holland: Nieuwegein
A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue, head of the WTBA
September 1st-2nd 2018

What Covered: 

Martial training, the wudang hand weapons, for loosening the body and staying relaxed during self defence, as well as teaching good technique, dim mak, and overall body mechanics.
Push Hands, the old way of push hands, for self defence training. 
Small San Sau, Taiji's martial form, a solo form that can be put together with partner to practice the sequence in application.  
Yang Lu Chan Taiji form, covering both the physical and internal aspects of the form, but with a focus on the physical mechanics, as this is the main area of training in the beginning. 
Qigong will also be covering. 

One Day.
€75 Members price.
€80 Non members price.

Two Days
€135 Members price.
€150 Non members price.

Marsja Haanstra,,
+31613012710 (WhatsApp)