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Live Follow Along Classes

Join our morning flow through training sessions, streamed live at 8am Malta time every day except Sunday.
Or if that time doesn't suit you, each class will stay available for 24 hours till the next morning session. 

The classes are free of charge to all.
Just go to our YouTube Chanel linked below.

Do your morning (Or when ever you train) training session with tips and guidance from Eli, as he flows through the different areas of training. The classes are not a set thing, as it's Eli's morning training time, so you do what ever he feels like doing that morning, but usually he starts with some warm ups and stretching, Qigong, Taiji Form, Bagua Form, Sometimes some of the explosive forms.
These classes are more about training in a follow along manor, flow through your morning training with some guidance and inspiration. They are mainly aimed at Eli's students who already know the basic frame work of the forms, but anyone is welcome to try. If you feel a little lost then get in touch and we can recommend some videos for you to learn the specific forms and Qigongs.
You can find them each morning on our YouTube Channel here
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If you would like something with more instruction, then you can try out other online courses where Eli teaches the forms as he would in a group class setting.
  • Level: All.
  • Run Time: Approx 60-120 mins per class.
  • Media Type: Online Streaming