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Or to just join Eli in his own morning training have a look below.

Live train with me videos 

I just finished a lovely 49 minute standing Qigong out on the balcony and decided to try and encourage everyone to train.
So from tomorrow, I am going to film each of my training sessions where I'm just doing my own thing, no editing, mistakes and all.
I'll be doing a mix of things, what ever I feel like on the day, it won't be a class, I won't be breaking down the movements, as I don't want it to impact on my own training.
I will maybe give a few tips and hints along the way.
The idea is for you to do your training with me, don't just sit there and watch me do it.
The video will go live at about 8am Malta time each morning.
Then it will remain up for 24 hours, so my students on the other side of the world can watch at a reasonable hour.
I will not leave them up permanently as the whole point is to get everyone training each day, so if you miss it, you miss it.
The videos will go live on YouTube
Like and subscribe to the channel and make sure you hit the little bell icon after you hit subscribe, that way you'll be notified of any new videos going up.
It will work best if you can watch on a large screen, TV or computer monitor.
Lets make the most of this time off work for those in lock down