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MTG20 Advanced Push Hands Volume One
MTG20 Advanced Push Hands Volume One

MTG20 Advanced Push Hands Volume One

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his is the advanced version of Video No.5 and deals with the very rare push hands techniques of "Peng/Hinge", "Square", and "Small Circle Ch'i-na" Pushing Hands. This is where we learn about T'ai Chi and the push hands for fighting and not just to gain timing balance and coordination. Many more techniques are also covered for the more normal "p'eng, lu, chi, arn" pushing hands. This is where you get serious about learning Taijiquan! This is where you leave behind your basic training and especially your basic pushing hands which essentially is flawed because it is for beginners.

It is impossible to teach beginners advanced methods, so in teaching beginners the way of push hands has to be modified so that the stark beginner can understand what to do. Sadly, most people only ever see this basic level or "I push you, you push me"! However, there ARE no pushes in Taijiquan as it is a most devastating martial art and it would bring disaster to push someone in a real fighting situation! So when you get to the advanced method, you begin to learn Taijiquan as a real streetwise self-defense art and not a silly pushing sport! Push hands at its more advanced levels is the very best training method to teach self-defense.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 120 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download