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MTG202 Qi Disruption Kata No. 11. Vol 1. (Prenatal Form)

MTG202 Qi Disruption Kata No. 11. Vol 1. (Prenatal Form)

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Called the 'Prenatal' form, this one is very powerful working upon the prenatal Qi. Before we are born, our three 'parts', 'spirit', 'mind' and 'body' are as one. Once we are born, (postnatal) over time, we begin to see those three separate into their respective keeping places in the body. So they because separated as we become more human.

This No. 11 form rejoins those three areas as much as possible given that we are human beings. So a much more balanced life and mind follow the use of this form. Prenatal and Tortoise breathing methods are used during this form/Qigong. Some of the health benefits are: Weight loss, helping to fix impotence in men and low libido in both sexes as it works upon the life force and Kidney Qi.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download