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MTG219 The Formal Day to Day training of the Montaigue Children

MTG219 The Formal Day to Day training of the Montaigue Children

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This is an excellent tape for anyone wishing to teach the Erle Montaigue System in that it shows the day to day way that Erle Montaigue teaches his own children. Every master wishes that his children will inherit the Family System. So Erle is teaching his children very pedantically! For instance in this first volume, they only get up to the first Double P'eng posture in a one hour tape! However, Erle also covers each major application for each posture as well as how to kick, punch and all other basics. Some Single push hands in also included. This is the MEDIUM FRAME form.

Erle is able to do this as he has the time and teaches often only half of a move each day! This is not a replacement for MTG2 as it is so comprehensive and will only be suitable for those wishing to gain this form at its most pedantic level. It is slow but thorough! And it is advisable to only learn what the Children learn each day and not speed on too fast! We imagine that this series will be hefty to say the least as it will take the children right through from basics to very advanced over many years. So only purchase this series if you are really serious about learning and eventually teaching.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download