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MTG242 Advanced Knife Fighting Techniques Vol 1

MTG242 Advanced Knife Fighting Techniques Vol 1

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On this series, Erle begins his Advanced Knife Fighting both using the knife against another knife attacker and using empty hands against a knife attacker or a group of them. Chang Yiu-chun was the supreme knife fighter even into his eighties. And it was not until Erle's final months of training that he opened up and told Erle how he got to where he was in this field.

Although Erle shows some empty hand methods as well, the main focus is on the 9 Wudang Knife Forms. 
Short solo sets that get your body moving in the correct way for knife fighting. 
Forms on their own won't teach you how to fight, you need to practice with a partner in a non compliant manor for this, but these forms are brillian for teaching you how to move with the knife. If you combine these forms with partner work you will get the best training. 

On this volume 1 Erle covers the first thee forms

1 Figure Eight Form

2 Rolling Form

3 Waving Form

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download