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MTG25 Bagwa fighting techniques and training methods

MTG25 Bagwa fighting techniques and training methods

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How to use Baguazhang for fighting. The 32 main fighting techniques are given plus some rare training methods. Baguazhang has a way of teaching how to use the postures from the circular form. This two person set teaches this area. Bagwa is one of the only systems, apart from Taijiquan, that gives us a set routine to learn how to use the martial applications. Using natural body movement and always adjusting to what the opponent is doing rather than trying to use a set defense method, the 32 Fighting Methods will teach you much more than just the techniques. It will also teach you about timing, coordination and most importantly 'balance'. Not only physical balance but also internal balance of Yin and Yang. These Fighting Methods are some of the most deadly ever invented with many even thinking that Bagwa is TOO deadly!

This tape takes you through step-by-step in learning these methods in the traditional Erle Montaigue meticulous manner with every tiny detail shown in great detail. You can either learn them by yourself or to get the most benefit, it is advisable to have a partner with whom to train. But be warned, these techniques are so natural and flowing that many have been damaged even in training as the energy in the beginning is very powerful.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download