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MTG3  Large San Sau. Plus Small San Sau

MTG3 Large San Sau. Plus Small San Sau

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This video teaches the little known Pauchui or cannon fist form from the Yang Lu-Ch'an style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. This form also comes from the Yang Shou-hou side of the family and so it is more martial. The whole form is explosive and is quite energetic. later, after the A and B sides have been learnt, we are able to put the both sides together with a partner as they are complimentary, to learn how to use T'ai chi as a fighting art.

In the beginning, both partners perform a sort of 'dance', but later, the techniques can be done out of place with the other person having to react instantly with the correct defensive technique.

  • Run Time: Approx 120 mins
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Media Type: MP4 Download

Small San Sau is also covered in this video, but for a more detailed video on Small San Sau, get MTG 403. This is the updated video. 
There is no updated video yet for the basic Large San Sau