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MTG300 Secret Houses/Rings of the Yang Family: Vol 2

MTG300 Secret Houses/Rings of the Yang Family: Vol 2

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On this volume, Erle Montaigue teaches the 4th House of Yang where we are taught how to take the very excellent and needed training method of Push Hands into the real world self defence area. Just about every type of attack and defence is covered as well as one legged pushing. This method, House No. 4 is necessary to take your push hands to that next level, to jump out of the pond so to speak and turn from a tadpole into a frog. This is what real push hands and self defence is all about.

The Secret Houses of Yang are what makes Taijiquan great. This is what distinguishes the 'red herring' Tai Chi from the real thing. What makes a silly, 'you push me, I push you' tai chi into a real fighting self defence system. These 12 houses or rings as they were often called, were what the Masters taught only their most treasured and trusted students and or family members and even went as far as giving us all the wrong information to stop us from getting the 'family jewels' as Yang Sau-chung once told me. Why is it that we are told that Tai Chi ch'uan means 'Supreme Ultimate Fighting' when we are taught this silly thing of Pushing Hands? Why would you want to do that? You do not push each other in real fighting.

This way of pushing hands was also a red herring to keep us off the trail of the real thing of 'Joining Hands', which is the way that we are taught how to fight in Tai Chi. Joining Hands is en eye opening experience and will probably answer many of your questions and fears about learning how to use Tai Chi for fighting.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download