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MTG301 Secrets of Push Hands: Vol 3

MTG301 Secrets of Push Hands: Vol 3

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Erle takes you further into the secret methods to take your double push hands into real fighting methods. You are taught that you don't really move back and forth in push hands, but rather side to side using economical movement in defence and attack. You are taught how to gain the immense power that Tai Chi has to offer by learning about perfect timing, all gained from your REAL push hands methods. Some very useful and deadly fighting/self defence methods are shown.

These methods come directly out of double push hands using the p'eng/hinge method. This volume is a must for anyone wishing to take their Tai Chi into the realms of realistic street self defence fighting. 

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download