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MTG303 Erle Montaigue Fighting System: The Physical Side: Vol. 2

MTG303 Erle Montaigue Fighting System: The Physical Side: Vol. 2

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One Strike Kill Methods. The Secret Houses/Rings of the Yang Family: House No. 5.
This DVD title was shot during Erle's Invitation only instructor's classes, the first of which was held in Bath UK 30th July 2006. Here, Erle presents for the first time, Yang's 5th House, the little known physical side of the Yang Style, no BS, no mystical garbage, just excellent and practical physical stuff on gaining great power for one strike kill methods to all parts of the body.

Included on this volume:
One Strike Single Kill Methods:
1/. Liver 13 Turning over fist:
2/. SP17 Turning Over Fist.
3/. CV14 Turning Over Fist.
4. Lifting Fist to CV14.
5/. Hook to ST5 or SP17 from very close quarters.
6/. All of the above from the 'Drunken Boxing Stances.
7/. Stomach 5 Strikes.
1/. Heel Palm to ST5
2/. Curve Fist to ST 5
3/. Back Fist to ST5
4/. Dog Fist to ST 5

It's no use learning all of the forms etc., and not knowing how to punch! And it has been our experience that not many people actually know how to punch. Sure many can line themselves up and break boards, but in the street instantly, they cannot gain the necessary power from only centre metres away to take someone out instantly with one punch. This DVD teaches how to do this.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download