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MTG341 Special Energy Flows On the 8 Extra Meridians in YLC Vol. 1

MTG341 Special Energy Flows On the 8 Extra Meridians in YLC Vol. 1

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This is an exciting area of your Tai Chi training as it presents for the first time, the special Qi flows along the 8 Extra Meridians! There are two types of energy flows in the body during training in this form. There is the "ACTIVATION" of the Qi postures which activate the Qi at the 12 main meridians during training and there are the "Special Energy Flows" along the 8 extra meridians. The 12 Main energy flows heal the body mainly while the 8 extra meridian flows give you the internal and external power over very short distances. When one's training is beginning to rise to a more advanced "Small Frame" level, you will begin to feel these energy flows which will then change the way you will perform the postures.

If one were to teach this, it would not be correct as it would be purely physical and not internal. You must wait until you have risen to that high level before the special flows will change the way you do each posture. Here, Erle teaches exactly where the energy flows for these special power moves so that the student can be aware of it once it begins. For instance, sometimes, the Qi will enter through the Yang Chiao Mei from the ground and then join with the Dai Mai meridian to cause great centrifugal power for striking etc. Volumes one and two cover the whole of the first third of the Yang Lu-ch'an form, also covered are some nice power Qigong methods.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download