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MTG373 Tai Chi Secrets: Putting It All Together Vol. 2

MTG373 Tai Chi Secrets: Putting It All Together Vol. 2

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This is where the "lights go on"! I began my Videos with the idea that I would not hold things back like others would.

So as you can see, I now have more videos on every possible subject of the Internal Fighting/Healing arts than any other instructor and was also the FIRST person ever to put Tai Chi onto Video way back.However, this "fault" of mine has caused me some grief in that others have then taken MY information that I have fought for hard and long to get over the past 35 years and they have used it to gain money without even acknowledging that it was from me that they obtained the information!

Whole books have been published about things that could ONLY have ever come directly or indirectly from myself! So now that I am finally into the final stages of one's Tai Chi training and giving out the stuff that really turns the lights on (as all who have been taught this will tell you).

  • Level: Most Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download