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MTG38 Baguazhang Essentials Vol. 1: The Classics

MTG38 Baguazhang Essentials Vol. 1: The Classics

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Here, Erle Montaigue takes you right from the beginning in such detail that has never been presented before on video or in books. Like his Taiji Intricacies series, Erle covers the most minute details in this series. In this volume, Erle demonstrates the Classics of Sun Luc-tang and Chiang Jung-chiao, two of the main contributors to Bagwa and considered to be the best masters of all.

The 'Classics' are the writings left to us from the Masters of old, the genius who invented this system. Reading the written word takes a bit of working out as they have been translated from Chinese to English and often in rhyming couplets. So you have to be taught the classics by someone who is experienced in Baguazhang in order to show the classics and this involves a person who has been practicing the art for many years and whose teachers are of the highest quality.

The teacher must have taken the 'Classics' internally so that he or she is able to show what they mean physically as this is the only way to learn the classics. Hidden within the classics is all that there is to know about Baguazhang apart from the physical learning of the forms and fighting methods.

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 90 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download