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MTG47 Dim-Mak Intricacies Vol. 5
MTG47 Dim-Mak Intricacies Vol. 5

MTG47 Dim-Mak Intricacies Vol. 5

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Learn about revival and emergency points. The devastating Dim-Mak Claw. Multiple points and their effects and more. Points taught on this tape. ST 11 is a revival point as well as a death point. BL15 and BL16, ST12 is a point that takes the will to fight away when struck straight down on to the clavicle. Erle shows how to activate the heart after it has stopped using three methods.

KD 1 point releases stored Qi when the person has died! This often works to revive a dead person provided that the trauma has not been too great of course. GB 20 is one of the most important revival points as well as one of the classic knock out points. CO 1 is an emergency point for coma, it is often used with KD 1. LU11 is also an emergency point. It boosts the wei Qi to the surface of the body. It is good to help when you have been struck to bring more Qi into the body. PC9 is covered. It is bled for heart stoppage and for when you have been struck in the ribs. HT 9 is an emergency point. it strengthens the yin or yang Qi of the heart and is used as a revival point for the heart. SP1 is an emergency point and is good for treating shock. SP3 is used in the treatment of 'after shock'. It is good for when someone is in the ring fighting and is experiencing this phenomenon. HT7 is not only a revival point but also a Qi drainage point. It calms someone who has fits etc. BL67 is used when someone is sort of 'out of it' or dizzy. Strengthens the eyes as well.

HT5 is an extremely Qi draining point especially good for wrist locks etc. GB2 is covered and is a really good knock out point when used with the Dim-Mak Claw also covered on this tape. GB1 is a very dangerous point. TH17 is one of the most dangerous points when struck in the correct direction as is SI17. SI19 is also a very dangerous point. ST3 makes one feel really ill when struck straight up into the cheek bones. Many other points are shown and taught. This is an excellent tape to learn about what points work and what points don't. Erle shows techniques for all of the points, how to get into use them and how to strike with what weapons etc.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 96 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download