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MTG70 Bagwa Linear Fighting Form To The Max. Vol. 1
MTG70 Bagwa Linear Fighting Form To The Max. Vol. 1

MTG70 Bagwa Linear Fighting Form To The Max. Vol. 1

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The Linear Bagwa form is covered in detail at its highest level the fa-jing level. It is advisable to have studied MTG 4 before attempting this level. This explosive from is one of the great fighting forms from China. It incorporates every conceivable type of attack and defense and covers every method from the circular form but in a more realistic manner. It is not performed around the circle. This is the most secret of all Baguazhang forms and was only ever taught after many years of circular form learning.

The most deadly multiple strikes are shown in great detail with their Dim-Mak applications. This form is excellent for learning about self-defense as well as for self-healing as it exercises every muscle sinew and joint in the body as well as your mind. If you wanting to lose weight naturally then this form will do it for you performing it only once per day taking around 10 minutes to perform. We have treated many obese people with this form and they have literally dropped the fat almost over night.

Forget about your drugs or so-called wonder pills to lose weight or damaging diets, this is the truly natural way to get healthy and also fit, and there IS a difference. The Masters who invented this form formulated it to work on all of the correct acupuncture meridians in the body to cause the body balance itself out physically as well as mentally. So you not only lose or gain weight depending upon what your body needs, you also become moretolerant and calm.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 90 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download