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Taiji Mini Camp UK

November 16th and 17th 2019
A weekend workshop with camp style training! The UK Mini camp!
Held just outside London near Heathrow, so it's easy for London people to get to on the Tube, as well as people driving in from afar don't have to deal with London traffic. There is also free parking at the hotel and the venue. 

We are going to make this workshop have a camp like feel, even though it's just two days training. 
The idea will be to bring your own food or order take out, so we can all eat together in the hall, of course you can also go out if you prefer. 
We will train Saturday morning from 10am, so you can either drive down that morning or come Friday night. 
Two 3 hour classes with lunch in between, then dinner. After dinner we will have a free play session till 9pm. 
This is where everyone simply trains what ever they want, Eli will be there  giving advice and to answer any questions you have.
Those coming from a distance can stay in the Travelodge Hotel, only 20 minutes walk from the venue and just £28 for the Saturday night, and £21 forbthe Friday, which can be further split in half if you share with someone. 
Then Sunday we will do a morning Qigong Session from 7:30am till 9am, have breakfast, then do two 3 hours classes with a lunch break like Saturday before leaving at 5:30pm. 

Training will be.

10am Small San Sau.
1pm Lunch
2:30pm YLC Form
5:30pm Dinner
Then free training till 9pm.

7:30am Qigong
9am Breakfast
10am Small San Sau
1pm Lunch
2:30pm YLC Form
5:30pm Finish

Push Hands will also be covered at random times.

Details of what we will be training. 

Taiji principles of movement.
This can be applied to any Taiji form you are practicing, we will be using the Yang Lu Chan Form, taking postures from this form and having a look into the body mechanics of how to move, to create power, from a balance of structure and flow, also looking at how the correct muscular activation in the form is how we get the energy to flow.

The main focus here will be the slow movement of the form, but we will also cover the Fa-jing aspects as well.
We go very deep into each move and learn truly how to move rather than just memorizing a sequence of postures

For this workshop we will be covering the following postures from the form, and maybe more:
  • Single Whip & Pierce to Rear
    Looking at the yin and yang changes happening in the body, as well as the palms, plus something that is not usually covered, the yin and yang changes with in one hand.
  • Brush Knee Twist Step
    Looking at timing and balance, as well as pelvic tilt and tuck, also how to keep the striking hand centred when it's not physically in front of your centre.
  • Hitting Tiger
    Looking at how Fa-jing works, single strikes as well as how to connect one to the next, there are several ways, and you need to know them all.
  • Penetration Punch and Parry
    Here we will be looking at spirals and the rolling of the forearms in conjunction with the wave of the spine in and out of the "C Back" 

    Also covered in all movements will be all the core structures and details of the basics.
Small San Sau.
We will be going through this form from the start, but with a focus on some specific things. 
In the solo form we will be looking at looseness of striking.
Every thing we do will be looking into how to do the form with out bringing in tension to your body, using the correct understanding of circles to break the tension at the end of movements, as well as the correct stepping stones that take you to Fa-jing, first starting with loose swinging type strikes, as most people try to use recoil and explosive power too soon, thus causing tension. 

For the partner form we will be looking at the same stuff, how to stay loose while under pressure. 
Using the correct circles to disperse force, as well as learning how to stay neutral in your mind and body, this makes sure you are not trying to predict what your partner will do, but simply staying soft and calm till he moves. 

Push Hands. 
For Push Hands will will looking at how to correctly find our partners centre, learning about the linear path with in the circular motion.  

Suitable for both beginners and advanced, as Eli always shows the core basics of a posture before layering in the advanced details.

The best place to stay will be the Travelodge at Heathrow Terminal 5.
It's currently only £28 for the Saturday night, and £21 for the Friday night, its a short walk to the venue. 
(Please note prices will go up, so book early!!!)
This is where Eli will be staying. 


Champney Hall, Stanwell RD, Horton, Slough SL3 9PA.

Cost: Late Registration after October 1st.
First Timers £160
WTBA Active Members £180
Everyone Else £190
Register by contacting Eli here