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Online Training Program

The WTBA Foundations Training Program Online.

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Have you ever wanted to attend a regular class a few times a week but there is nothing near by for you? 
Well this online program for both Baguazhang and Taijiquan is for you. 
Of course an online course can never compare with real class, you can't get that hands on feel training with other people,
but if you can't have that, then this is the next best thing. 

Rather than just buying a video that teaches you this form or that form, this course will give you all the foundation training you need in a follow along style video course. 
Train along side Eli each time you train, getting constant guidance and advice through the class. 

So this is aimed at those who either don't have access to a real weekly class, or those who want to have guidance during their at home training between classes. 

Make sure you watch the introduction video first so you know what the course is all about and how to get the most out of it. 

After watching the intro, it's time to choose, Bagua? Taiji? Or both?
To help you with this decision we have a FAQ page on this topic here
A great way to help you decide is to try both for a few weeks and see which one you like the feel of more, or to see if you feel you can cope with both. 

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If you do decide to train in both styles at once, then you can do this in a number of different ways as follows. 

Either do alternating days or alternating weeks. 
In each style there are three classes per week, it is recommended however to practice each class twice, so you have 6 training sessions each week.
It all depends on how much time you have to train each week as to how much you can learn, but we recommend if you are a beginner to practice Bagua for one week then Taiji for one week, or vise versa, so you alternate each week. 
If you have been practicing already for a long time, then you may want to do all three Bagua and Taiji classes each week, this means you would only do each class once and you would alternate each day which one you do. 

If you need any further guidance as to how you should be practicing each week just get in touch via email

Here are some FAQ:

Q. Does the cost include both the Bagua and Taiji courses or do I have to pay twice to do both?

A. The cost gives you full access to everything, both Taiji and Bagua. 

Q. When do I have to register by?
A. There is no sign up deadline, however there is a discount if you sign up before the end of September.
As long as you have paid your subscription fee you will have full access to everything. 

Q. Is the course cheaper if I only want to do one style?
A. No it's like a video streaming service akin to Netflix, so you pay a monthly fee and get access to everything.

Q. Do I have to watch each class on a certain day?
A. No you can watch any of the classes at anytime you wish, learn at your own pace. 

Q. If I don't start till next year will I miss anything?
A. No, it does not matter when you start, you will have full access to every video that has ever been part of it. 

Q. If I decide after a few months I don't want to continue can I cancel? 

A. Yes you can cancel at any time.

Q. What is better, doing this online course with the WTBA chief instructor or doing a a real class with a more basic instructor?
A. As a general rule we would say it's always better to be in a real class getting hands on training from a teacher, there could be an exception if the teacher is terrible and teaching you everything wrong, but this is rare. So we would say attend the real class, if you can afford both then use this for your at home training, if not then maybe just use the free 3 weeks to compare to the other real classes you have available to you.