These Classes will be starting later in the year.
For now we do have a 6 week online course available here

Want to train with Eli Montaigue on a weekly basis but don't live near by?
These online lessons will make it possible! (or at least the next best thing) 
Eli will be setting up regular classes in Australia, starting with one class per week and soon after upping that to three classes per week. 
The classes will be filmed from start to finish, the only editing will be for zooming and changing camera angles etc, so you will get the full 2 hour class showing everything we are training. 

What you can expect from these classes:

  1. Weekly follow along classes, up to six 1 hour classes per week. 

  2. A real camera person will be hired for each class, who will follow Eli around the class, so you will always have the perfect viewing angle, as well as showing the group shots when Eli is just sitting back watching. Eli will also be wearing a lapel microphone, so you always be able to hear what he is saying. 

  3. See Eli in full class mode teaching his personal students, giving the main instruction up front, going around giving personal corrections to each student (remember most people make similar mistakes) and seeing the flow of the form and energy of the sparing and martial training while you're following as we shut up and train!

  4. To be used as a follow along class at home, pick a time that suits you and follow along on your own or with a training partner. 

  5. Ask questions via email or small video clip and have them answered at the end of the week in the special Q&A video, so you really feel like you're part of the classes. 

  6. Perfect for those of you who train on your own, so you can feel a part of a group,
    as well as for instructors who want to get ideas on how to teach.

  7. Join a private Facebook group for those both in the class and those following online,
    so everyone can chat and
    discuss the class topics etc.

  8. Cost of classes per week:
    $6 for one, $9 for two, $12 for three, $15 for four or more.

    Approximate Conversions: 
    USD $4.16, $6.30, $8.40 $10.40
    Euro €3.75, €4.80, €7.30 €9.40
    Pound £3.20, £5.60, £6.40 £8

  9. Small Additional charges for Q&A
    $1 per question, bought in packs of $10, use as and when needed. 
    Everyone can watch the Q&A video. 
    Keeping in mind a lot of the questions you have may be asked by the people attending the live class.
  10. What will the classes cover. 
    This is not yet set, but it will probably be something like this:
    Class 1 and 5
    YLC Taiji Form, Qigong, Push Hands. 
    Class 2 and 6.
    San Sau, Applications, Striking, General fighting methods and sparing. 
    Class 3. 
    Bagua Circular Form, Qigong, Push Hands, 
    Class 4. 
    Applications, Striking, General fighting methods and sparing.
  11. During Eli's time teaching overseas, the online classes will follow his workshops instead of the regular classes, so you'll get something different to play with in these times. 
    Prices during this time will vary, as it could be a two day workshop or a 6 day camp. 

Check back soon as we'll have a demo video of what the classes will be like.

Register now so you don't miss the opening week!

Further information. 
The classes should be on three nights per week, each night will have two classes as stated above.
The classes will be taught at the level of those in the live classes, both beginners and advanced instructors are expected to attend these classes, so you will get to see how everything is taught at all levels. 
There will of course be some overlap, for example I might teach a lot of the same stuff each day in one week, as there would be different people in each class, but keep in mind that it's the best thing for your training to go over something you already know again and see it from a different angle, seen as it will be taught to different people in the class you will for sure learn something new, plus if you did want to follow all 6 classes then it's only costing you $2.50AUD per class, so you can also fast forward if you feel you're hearing the same thing again, use the classes as you wish. 
Please be aware of the importance of actually training with people physically, these classes will be great and you will learn a lot from them, but if you are lucky enough to live near by a wtba class you can attend, don't replace your real class for an online one, either do both or just the live one.