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Eli's Private Tuition Retreat in Malta

Running till June 2019
Eli will be running a private tuition training/holiday retreat in Malta.

Malta is a small Island off the Coast of Italy in the Mediterranean. 
With an international airport, so very easy to get to.

This is your last chance for intensive one to one training in Europe with Eli.
After this Eli will be moving back to Australia.
He will still come out to Europe twice a year for workshops and camps,
but time for private tuition will be very limited, and instructors would get most of this time. 
So make use of this great opportunity to train in such a beautiful place,
with private room accommodation for only 
€15 per night.

How it works:
Fly into Malta, you will be met at the airport and taken to our home.
You will stay in our home, which is a 3 bedroom flat with two bathrooms. 
So you (and possibly your partner/friend/child) will have a private room with two single beds, plus use of the guest bathroom.
The flat is situated  in Mgarr, walking distance to some beautiful swimming spots, as well as local shops. 
Also Malta is very small, so you can get to anywhere very easily.
High speed WiFi will be available to use. 
You will have use of our kitchen, so you can make your own food or go out for meals as you wish.
You only need to buy the bulk of your food, as you can use our things like salt, oil, herbs and spices for your cooking.
There will also be a large living space big enough for training in case of bad weather.
Or, you can stay in a hotel/hostel of your choosing

Cost of training for one person:
5 hours per day 
4 hours per day €160
3 hours per day €120
2 hours per day €100
1 hours per day €60
There is a 20% extra charge for training on Saturday and Sunday as well as a limit of 3 hours each day. 

Non Active Members pay €2 extra per hour

Small Group Discounts:
2 people together = 25% discount
3 people together = 35% discount
4 people together = 45% discount

Accommodation with us as listed above:

When training 3 hours per day or more.          €15 per person per night. 

Please Note:
Accommodation can be available from the night before your first day of training after 5pm. 
Training and accommodation can easily be booked Monday to Friday, for training on weekends this would be by special request, 
if I can fit you in on a weekend I will, but weekends are when I do my workshops around the world, so I do not have many free. 
If you plan to come for two weeks or more and I am unable to train on those weekends you are here, then you can train through the week and have the weekends to do your own training and see a bit of Malta, it's good to let the training settle in. 
Accommodation at our home is only available when I am home and we are training, so if you are staying over the weekend and we are not training then there are the following options for your accommodation. 

Other Accommodation Options:

A nice hotel either near us or in other nice locations.
 From about €25 in winter to
 €60 in summer per night, 
August has the highest prices of at least  €75 per night. 

Or Hostels range from about €13 winter to €15-€20 summer per night

Prices are all in Euros €

A rough guide to temperature averages in Malta:
January, day time temperature 16°C, sea temperature 17°C

February, day time temperature 16°C, sea temperature 16°C

March, day time temperature 18°C, sea temperature 16°C

April, day time temperature 20°C, sea temperature 17°C

May, day time temperature 24°C, sea temperature 19°C

June, day time temperature 29°C, sea temperature 22°C

July, day time temperature 32°C, sea temperature 26°C

August, day time temperature 32°C, sea temperature 27°C

September, day time temperature 28°C, sea temperature 26°C

October, day time temperature 25°C, sea temperature 24°C

November, day time temperature 21°C, sea temperature 22°C

December, day time temperature 18°C, sea temperature 19°C