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Here you will find an array of Qigong methods, from Tai Chi, Bagua, and elsewhere.
Qigong is an ancient Chinese art, for cleansing, strengthening, and balancing your body.
It works on both your physical musculoskeletal system, as well as the energy systems of the body
The best place to start is with Standing Qigong Foundations MTG447. MTG10 is also very nice for some other moving Qigongs. Then you'll want to get MTG454 to get your one leg Qigong happening. From these you have a base and can move onto any of the others.

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All MTG Videos are purchased as MP4 Downloads, if you want DVDs 
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MTG415 Bagua Complete Basics Vol 1 (Qigong)
£2 (Members Discount Price £1)
MTG447 Standing Qigong Foundations
£17 (Members Discount Price £15)
MTG455 Bagua Qigong Vol: 2 (One Leg Standing)
£12 (Members Discount Price £11)
MTG454 Standing Qigong Foundations VOL: 2 (One Leg)
£13 (Members Discount Price £12)
MTG10 QIGONG: Basic to Advanced Principles & Practice
£8 (Members Discount Price £7)
MTG16 Advanced Qigong
£15 (Members Discount Price £13)
MTG175 Advanced Qigong Vol. 2
£17 (Members Discount Price £15)
MTG22 Tai Chi Healing and Iron Shirt Qigong
£15 (Members Discount Price £13)
MTG106 Meridian Balancing
£15 (Members discount price £13)
MTG88 The 12 Meridian Healing Qigongs
£15 (Members Discount Price £13)
MTG206 The Three Energy Systems of the Human Body
£15 (Members Discount Price £13)
MTG190 Developing the Internal Energy
£17 (Members Discount Price £15)
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