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Small San-Sau Fighting Form

This is where we learn about application, correct body mechanics for striking, and dealing with force.
The Small San-Sau, is your first step into fighting and self defence in your Taiji training. 
It is a must, and should be fully understood before attempting the Large San-Sau
Where to start:
MTG403 will teach you all the basics, and give you a solid foundation
MTG401 will then take the form to it's highest level.
The others here are great titles and will give you a different angle on the form, 
particularly if you don't have a teacher. 
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MTG397 Beginning the Old Yang Tai Chi
£10 (Members Discount Price £9)
MTG401 Small San-Sau Unleashed
£17 (Members Discount Price £15)
MTG403 Small San Sau Basic form
£12 (Members Discount Price £10)
MTG24 Small San-Sau Corrections
£15 (Members Discount Price £13)
£15 (Members Discount Price £13)
MTG134 Small San-Sau To The Max:
£17 (Members Discount Price £15)
MTG91 Dim-Mak A To Z Vol 6. SSS Mother Apps
£17 (Members Discount Price £15)