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UK Swansea Workshops

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Once a month weekend workshops in Swansea UK. 
With Leigh Evans, WTBA Chief instructor for the UK
Covering various aspects of the Erle Montaigue Healing/Fighting System.

The next one:
May 24th and 25th

Saturday Schedule:
3 Hours of Small San Sau training in all its brutal complexity 6:30pm Form instruction and refinement
7:30pm Dim Mak understanding and application
8:30pm Hitting the living daylights out of each other, with love of course
9:30pm Finish
Sunday Schedule:
10am Taiji Form and individual analysis
11am Revision and practice of 1st,2nd 3rd Deadly Kata
12pm Reaction training and the peng hinge of the 3rd Deadly Kata
1:30pm Fajing and individual strikes from the rd Deadly Kata
2:30pm the Dim Mak of the 3rd Deadly kata
Explosive 2 person practice of the 1st and 2nd deadly Kata
3:30pm Form Application and lots of love and happiness via the medium of Death point Striking 4pm Finish
WTBA Chinese Boxing School
11 Duke Street Swansea, SA1 4HS 
£25 For Friday Night
£40 For Saturday

Contact Leigh to Book in. 
[email protected] +44 7421 814616