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Taiji Foundations Retreat Malta

Foundation Training Camp Malta
October 22nd till 29th 2019 Something similar this this will be scheduled for October 2020

This retreat is aimed at beginners and intermediate students.
We will be covering the four foundation areas of training, perfect for the beginner student to start with, but also these are the four things required to pass your level one instructors exam, so those intermediate/advanced students can use this week to perfect these four areas and then take a grading test at the end of the week. For those thinking this might be to basic, we have another retreat happening in April 2020 aimed at intermediate/advanced students
If you are unsure which one you should attend please get in touch, or come to both!

What to expect at camp 2019:
Foundation Camp is about training, and lots of it!
In the WTBA we don't just ask you to follow along and do your best, we explain in detail how to improve your movement and understanding , giving each individual help with their training.
It will be warm enough for swimming in the sea, with a sea temperature of about 24 degrees, so we have an afternoon break where you can enjoy the sun and sea.
The venue is by the sea surrounded by nature, only a few minutes walk down to the most beautiful swimming area.
Food and accommodation is all on site, see below for details.

What will be taught:

Yang Lu-chan's Taiji Form (And Yang Cheng Fu Taiji Form)
The old yang style of Taiji, Yang Lu Chan being the founder of the Yang style. This form is mostly slow moving, but unlike modern Taiji forms which have been modified to be all soft, the old yang has some fast and explosive movements throughout, giving it a balance of yin and yang energy. Yang Cheng Fu form is almost the same as the Lu Chan form, it is just a little easier with out the explosive movements, due to the fact that they are so similar, Eli will be able to teach both side by side, most people train the Lu Chan form, but those already practicing the Cheng Fu form who wish to focus on that can do so.
For more information on these forms please see our website
The focus will be on body mechanics, learning how to move correctly, which muscles to engage to make a movement happen through connection to the centre. Rather than just learning a sequence of postures, we take one move and look at it, this way you learn far more about the form and those who do not know it already will not be lost. Sequence can be learnt from a video, how to move correctly is what you need hands on instruction for.

Small San Sau Martial form.
This is where we take Taiji in the self defence area of training, as well as giving a nice yang lift in your energy from a health point of view.
The form will be taught right from scratch, we will work through the postures slowly with correct structure and movement, teaching you the correct loose way of striking, how to develop power in the form. Then we put you together with a partner to create the fighting set, again working through slowly and only putting in speed and power once you can move well, power and speed comes from being correct in your movement, not from trying to be fast and powerful.

Push Hands.
We will be covering Single Push Hands, this is where we learn about issuing and receiving of force with a partner. This exercise hugely increases your understanding of the Taiji form, as it shows you how to issue force from the ground up through the body into the hands. along with also teaching you some very important principles for your self defence training. 

This will be practiced every morning.
With warm ups to help with Qi flow to better enhance your Qigong practice. The main focus will be standing three circles QIgong, this is a form of meditation. For more information on Qigong please click here

Free Training
Free training is training any other time of the day when there are no official classes.
Where everyone can simply practice, Eli will be there most of the time giving advice on how to improve, there are also always many other WTBA instructors hanging around.
This is where you can either go over what has been taught that day, or you might want to ask some questions about other areas of your training
Camp Schedule:
Tuesday the 22nd is arrival day, after 3pm.
Training days are 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th.
We then pack up and leave on the 29th by 10am.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner are provided on site.
We serve a good selection of healthy meals cooked freshly onsite each day.
As well as tea and coffee through out the day, and drinking water.
Any dietary requirements can be made.

Xrobb L-Ghagin Nature Park And Sustainable Development Centre,
Marsaxlokk MXK 4080.
Here we have 4 dormitory rooms with 6 or 8 beds in each, nice spacious rooms and comfortable beds so you won't feel crammed up with your roommates.
Blankets and pillows, sheets and a towel are provided, you just need a towel for the beach.
There are 8 toilets and 6 showers to share, all with a high standard of cleanliness.
We have a large outdoor training area with sea views, a large indoor hall for training in bad weather, and a dinning room near the kitchen where meals will be served.
There is also free WiFi

Training Schedule:
7:30am Warms ups and standing Qigong.
8am Taiji form
9am: Breakfast
10am Small San Sau
12pm: Lunch
After lunch it's free training time, do what you want, either do some more training, Eli will be there most of the time to answer your questions.
Or you can head down to the sea for a swim or sun bathing.
5pm: Push Hands
6pm Taiji Form
7pm: Dinner
After dinner we usually do Push Hands and any other training people want to look at in an informal manor.

Cost of training For the full week.
If you want to stay less than the full camp, then please contact us for a price.

Late registration after September 1st.
WTBA Active Members and first timers, price €350
Non members price €370
Uni Students under 25, €200

Daily drop in fee for locals in Malta not wanting to attend the full week, €60, training only.

Cost of Accommodation:
€130 for the full camp (7 nights) There is one bed left onsite 

Cost of food:
€115 (Please note there are only 3 places left for meals)

Getting to Camp:
Get a flight to Malta International Airport (There's only the one on the island)
We will have a pick up service running from the airport to the venue on the 22nd, then back to the airport again on the 29th, this is included in the price.
Pick up times will be arranged closer to the date once flights are booked.
If you are driving, then simply google search the venue "Xrobb L-Ghagin Hostel" and you'll find it

Here check out the pictures of where we will be staying....
Beautiful swimming area just a few minutes walk from the venue

Yes the water really is this clear! I took these pictures myself on my phone
There are some spots for cliff jumping if you're into that
Outdoor training area

Dormitory Rooms with free WiFi
8 toilets and 6 showers to share
St. Peter's Pool, a popular swimming area about 30 minutes walk from the venue, in case you want to meet the locals :-)