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Training Program Registration

So did you like the first three weeks of the course? 
If you did and would like the course to continue then check out the details below of how it will run, then register by filling in the form. 

If we get enough interest by the end of August,
then the course will continue starting September 7th with week 4 of the program. 
So make sure you register. 

The program will be offered on a subscription style service like NetFlix, so you will pay a weekly or monthly fee to have access to the whole thing, all the Bagua, Taiji, Warm Ups, Stretching etc.
Once signed up the payments will be taken automatically and you can cancel at anytime. 

The cost includes the full program both Bagua and Taiji. 
£10 per week or £40 per month. 
£10 is Approx $12USD, $18AUD, €11EUR

You will also have access to a special once a month personal corrections lesson.
This is where you take a video of yourself doing the methods learnt in the last month, Eli then looks over it and sends you back a video explaining what you need to work on. 
What you should film will be explained at the end of each 4th week. 
These extra lessons will cost £15 each. 

To Register please fill in this form.