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USA: Albany

Due to the uncertainty of things with the coronavirus situation, there will be no higher price to late registration this year, so the price is the same even if you can make it last minute. 
But do keep in mind that if not enough people register then Eli would not be able to fly out, so make sure you get your registrations in. 
We  hope things will be settled by this date and the workshop will go ahead.  

A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue.
May 23rd-24th 2020. 
Training will be 10am till 12:30pm and then 2:30pm till 5pm each day. 

Eli's first workshop in Albany NY.

  • Pauchui/Large San Sau.
    Now don't be scared! A lot of people will tell you that this form is only for the most advanced students and should never be attempted by beginners. This is only because they do not understand how to break the form down to make it understandable for the beginner. 
    Erle started teaching Eli this form at age 15 right after he had finished the small San Sau, Eli was in no way an advanced student at this point. 
    So the form will be taught in two parts, first the solo form will be taught, (Pauchui) we will go through a few moves of the A and B side of the form, beginners will be shown the basic structure and movement, while any advanced students will be shown more about the Fa-jing. 
    Then in the second hour we will put the A and B sides together with a partner, (Large San Sau)
    You learn different things when training in the solo form and the partner form, both are important.
    In the solo form we learn about explosive energy movement, due to the fact that in the partner form all your strikes will be nullified before they hit their target, so you don't get a sense of completing each strike, in the solo form we are able to do this. 
    So we learn how to control our own body, balance, timing etc. How to use the recoil from one strike into the next for rapid and continuous striking. 
    Then in the partner form, we learn about dealing with an external force, now every time you through an attack it will be defeated by your partner, this will cause you tense up and loose your balance, so in training the form you learn how to stay loose and grounded under pressure from other person. 
    Most versions of this form you see today are only a dance, the version taught by the WTBA is the one where we fight! 
    Yes it is still a set pattern of movements, so you know what's coming at you, if it wasn't then it would just be sparing and that's a whole other area of your training. 
    So we perform a set pattern with our partner, first slowly and controlled, only after you are performing the movements well should you start to build up the power and speed. Even when done slowly, each strike is still a real strike, meaning if your partner gets their movement wrong they will get hit, you are not trying to work with each other to create flow, you are trying to put your partner under pressure. 
    Over time the form builds to the point where it is done as fast and powerful as you are able. 
    One of the best whole body workouts you can do as well.
  • Yang Lu Chan's Taiji Form.
    This year we are going to look more into principles of movement, rather than trying to learn a long sequence of the form. 
    This is something Eli has been doing at all his workshops lately to great success. 
    Each day Eli will choose a short set of movements from the form, each set will be focusing on a different set of principles. 
    The is where we really learn how to move correctly, taking it forward from just the postures into a deeper understanding of what each posture teaches you both internally and externally. 
    The basic structure will of course be shown as well for those who have not yet learnt the form.

  • Double Push Hands, taking it right from scratch, showing this complex training method. 

$150 for active members and first timers,
$170 for anyone else. 

1237 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205

Contact Thomas Mazzaferro [email protected] 
To book in for this workshop.