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WTBA Magazine

Combat and Healing
The official magazine of the World Taiji Boxing Association

This magazine was run from 1990 till 2008, owned and edited by Erle Montaigue. 
The 60 issues hold the history of the WTBA over those 18 years, the workshops and camps, new instructors and all the wtba stories, as well as of course many amazing articles from Erle and other WTBA members as well as outsiders as well. 
It's been 10 years since Erle's last issue, Eli has now converted them all to PDF for your viewing pleasure, please feel free to download and share with your friends for free, but they should not be uploaded to any other website, if you have a website and wish to share these magazines then please link to this page. 

Links for downloading the PDFs will be connected tomorrow, my site host is having a problem
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Will Combat and Healing Continue?
Yes, I don't know if I will ever try to create a fully fledged magazine with adverts and articles from around the world, I just don't have the time, but I would like to at least keep it going from the sense of the WTBA history books.
So to start with at least I will keep it very simple, no flashy eye catching design, just a place to see every article written and some news about the workshops and training camps all in one place. 
I will also first start with 10 years of catch up, I'll try to remember all the important events that have happened, new instructors on board, those who left or got kicked out, special people we've lost etc
Just so that in 20 years time I can look back myself at these, as I am now with Dad's old issues, so many memories  :-)