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WTBA Members Workshop (Non Members Welcome)
WTBA Members Workshop (Non Members Welcome)

WTBA Members Workshop (Non Members Welcome)

Your Price: £5.00
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Postponed: The workshop will now go live on May 31st. 

WTBA Members, we want to bring everyone together for this one off workshop. 
Open to everyone, but aimed at wtba members, for us all to come together in the virtual world. 

Lets see how many people out there are active, training and wanting to connect with other members, even though you can't see each other, I think it's a really nice idea that we all do one day where we all try something new and also get some new insights on something old, it's only £5 for a 4 hour (or maybe more) workshop, some great training, fun and and just general feeling of connecting with everyone in this time of lock down. 

Even if you can't make the live stream time, there will still be a huge amount of members doing it at another time like you, as some people might still be in the middle of the night at live time. 
If you do follow after live time, you'll get to see Eli interacting with the students and still feel a part of the group :-) 

The workshop will go live on May 31st at 1pm Malta time, that's 7am in NYC and 9pm in Australia. 
It will also remain available for 7 days after in case you want to go through it again. 

The workshop will be suitable for everyone, Eli will be giving things that will help all levels, the whole idea is to bring everyone together in one training session :-) 

The workshop will include:

1. Yang Lu Chan's Root Method of "Sitting Like a Duck" Posture. 
This one is not covered on Erle's video series, so most people will have never seen it before. 
The Root methods are short explosive forms based on the major postures of the YLC form, going into many possible applications of that given posture. 

2. Bagua Hook Knives. 
Just before Erle's death he taught Eli this weapon form from Baguazhang, when you get a proper set it is an amazing feeling to have in your hands! 
The Deer Horn Knives for example are lovely, but let's face it they are a bit stupid, you'd be more likely to kill yourself, although the form is amazing. 
These hook knives however have a real weapon feel, something you would want to take into the apocalypses, they are simple and brutal, one of the most useful weapons. 
The form also is in typical Bagua fashion, beautifully fluent and powerful, it has a really nice mix of brutal useful movements you can really see working in a fight, as well as the more exotic moves for full body heath and strengthening.  
We will do at least the first section and maybe some or all of the second section. 
You will need two knives for this part of the workshop, if you can find something of a similar shape to this 
that will be great, but you can learn the movements of the form with anything, a couple of kitchen knives, or just two short sticks will do, you'll get the idea. 
They should be about 30cm from top to bottom. 

3. Small San Sau. 
Eli is going to run through this form, giving some very important insights into how and why you should be training this form. 

So you've got one completely new thing with the Hooks, one new but familiar thing in the Root, and one old thing you've probably done many times but there is always something new to learn in the Small San Sau. 

If the subjects don't appeal to you or you think they are unsuited to your level, just join in for some fun, try something different, get out of your comfort zone, no need to take it too seriously, we're all here just to have a good time :-) 

I hope to see you all there for the live stream, but even if you watch after, I'll still know you're there at some point enjoying this wtba members get together :-)